We are looking for talented software engineers.
Our tech stack consists of Python / Django / AngularJS. We currently focus on desktop / mobile web product but plan to build a separate mobile app in near future. Anyone who is eager to learn new things at a challenging pace by solving challenging business & technical problems are welcomed.

What we look for in our engineers:

  - A current senior in college, bachelor’s degree or higher with less than 2 years of work experience is preferred                                                           - Have a good command of written English (spoken English is not priority)                                                                                                                           - “Go-getter” personality - someone who is ambitious and passionate with their work


Global Marketing

We are looking for a junior position and interns at planning & marketing. The person in this position will be required a close communication with designers / engineers / marketers, and to lead a product planning. This position will be given a lot of autonomy in their work, which will give them the opportunity to build up and optimize their product.

Although objectives and assignments change over time, these are projects that we will expect our employee to cover:

  - Execute social media campaigs and community projects
  - Build and maintain relations with community leaders and influencers
  - Support communication with local users and members of our service

Qualifications for our Global Marketing position:

  - Must be a native speaker of any Asian language or English
  - Knowledge and experience on social media management and campaigning
  - Excellent communication skills: keeping open communication with the team is an important value to our team