TP Partners (the "Company" or "we") was established in 2012 in pursuit of connecting opportunities from country to country, to resolve the market dislocations that existed in the private equity market. The Company was focused on bringing deals from North America to Asian investors primarily, in the energy and natural resource space. By closing multiple deals with Asian investors, US oil & gas companies and US mining companies, the company's passion in early days to connect investment opportunities remarked successful footprints.   

In 2014, the Company launched its new initiative in order to share its earned experiences with a larger pool of people and help inspire those who want to get access to more quality opportunities. We finally embarked on a new journey named “Tridge”, which is compound of “Transaction” and “Bridge”, to bring an online service where those talents can meet each other from around the world and easily share their network and opportunities. Our service is now public, and we are now pursuing our operations as we have developed our site and established the grounds for our operations. As dynamic as our firm’s transition has been, our team takes pride in our multicultural environment and our team's dynamic and crucial set of skills.